- Laura, Vincent and LauraMa concept -



„For me Yoga is arriving into the moment, breathing,

letting go and being free“


I started yoga as I was searching for a way to bring balance into my stressful everyday life and work, which was dominated by inner restlessness.  I noticed very quickly that yoga is much more than physical exercise. With curiosity I went deeper into the tradition and philosophy. Yoga became a passionate part of my life without which I cannot imagine my life anymore. Yoga helped me through my darkest times and hardest crises by reconnecting me to my inner self and my inner strength, and by learning to be conscious of every single moment and open myself with full gratitude to every new day.

My own practice, which consists of physical exercise, meditation, reading, connecting to nature, walking, dancing and singing, as well as community and so much more, brings me a feeling of home, no matter where I am or in which emotional mood I am. All of these experiences and feelings I want to share with you.


I completed my 500h Yoga Teacher training in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin and Yang Yoga with known teachers in Europe (Bhakti Yoga Summer, David Lurey, Mirjam Wagner) and learned close with my Indian Teacher Surinder Singh.

In Yin Yoga I found the perfect complement to my previous practice and I completed my Yin Yoga teacher trainings with Stefanie Arend and Tanja Seehofer. For me this mediative and gentle style of yoga is a revelation that helped me to expand and deepen my own practice as well as my understanding of body and mind. In 2020 I will start a 300h Yoga Therapy Training to deepen my knowledge in the therapeutic way of Yoga. This will give me the opportunity to combine my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Ayurveda basics.


A long India travel brought my soul back home, I learned to let go what brought me space for something new und true.

Here I started my Reiki education with Betty Fourrage which changed my perspectives and brought my on my path of energy work. I completed my Reiki Master Teacher degree with my partner Vincent Clénet.


I am filled with gratitude to share the gift of yoga and energy in so many different forms with other people.




"Music for me is the best tool of expression. It allows us to express and feel all emotions. It transcends souls and makes them vibrate in union."


Music has been with me since my early childhood. My first instrument was the guitar when I was 8 years old. Since then I developed myself as an autodidact and can now call myself multi-instrumentalist, where I play many different instruments, such as guitare, weissenborn, flute, percussion and much more.


I started my therapist education by passing the medical and psychological assistant diploma working several years with people with disabilities in France.

A long journey through India, Nepal… brought me deep personal introspection and inner development.


Music has a highly therapeutic effect, which I would like to share with the people and therefore I completed my training as a certified Sound Therapist in Spain with the famous  Nestor Kornblum & Michel Averard, pillar of the sound therapy in Europe.

After practicing REIKI for many years, I completed the REIKI MASTER TEACHER degree in India (Auroville) with a french teacher Betty Fourrage. Sharing Reiki and energetic work through sound and music with all people is for me one of my deepest wish and perhaps the greatest and most beautiful gift I can share with the world.

I started my thaï yoga massage éducation in different part of the world with great teacher like Gwyn wiliams, Siawasch peyman. The Thaï yoga massage bring me deeper in the perspective of understanding the human body and give more tools in my path of therapist.


This year i will start a Yoga Therapy training for deepening my knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda.


In individual treatment I can combine all my knowledge and abilities to work in physical, emotionnaly and energetic way.

I'm really grateful and happy to be able to share everything what music, sounds, thaï yoga massage, energywork and yoga offered to me.


„May our heart beat at the unison with the rhythm of the universe for being free forever.“



- sustainability by heart -

LauraMa was founded in 2017 by Laura Klocke and offers organic and sustainable products for yoga and meditation.


The organic yoga clothes collection is created from my own design and produced in European as well as Indian production. In your yoga practice as well as in the all-day-life, the super comfortable organic cotton styles are comfortable to wear on the skin.


The pure stone malas are handcrafted by LauraMa. It preserves the traditional, ancient Buddhist technique while reciting mantras while knotting. The stones come from a production from India / Jaipur, all the stones have the best quality and have been selected them for their therapeutic properties.


The vegan organic essences of "The Goddessline" without additives in wonderful fragrance blends.


The handcrafted meditation cushion in crocheted design filled with organic spelled for your yoga and meditation practice.


All products are Laura Ma's own designs and are based on a sustainable approach based on the core values ​​of emotion, conscious consumption and environmental awareness. Every piece has a story, and accordingly its own, individual value.  The return to nature and originality are important factors in the process of product development. Great emphasis is placed on transparency in production, distribution channel and marketing, whereby all substances, contents and products are organic or organic certified in order to make the product, the origin and the intention transparent and accessible to you.


With LauraMa I want to share a sustainable lifestyle with the people which connect yoga, therapy and sustainable products and open the hearts to get to know yourself in the depths of your soul.



…. follow your heart …. and me


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