Bhakti is the music of the soul – Hatha is the dance of the body


Bhakti Yoga is devotion and love and is one of the four spiritual paths to self-realisation. Bhakti yoga is a spiritual practice, where we use our physical body to perform asanas (postures) and to get in contact with our true self through deep meditation. The focus of Bhakti yoga is developing awareness and a devotional state of mind. Thus, you’ll act from an open heart and true love.

Another part of Bhakti Yoga is chanting of mantras (spiritual songs) that open the heart in a particular way. According to the tradition this is one of the direct paths to god.


Hatha describes a traditional style of yoga that includes asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.

In Bhakti Flow by Laura Ma you will find a combination of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa elements, where the postures are connected in flowing movements. The body is floating and dancing trough the class and there is always time to rest and explore the arising feelings. The focus is on self-awareness, the connection to the breath and to the individual body.


It is arising power in peace and softness in strength, a combination of yin and yang. Laura Ma creates a safe space for floating, feeling and being, where you can build a deep connection to your own heart.

Bhakti Flow

- open your heart -

Laura Klocke  -  Yoga Teacher and Fashion Designer