- sustainability by heart -

Closeness in times of isolation

Home in times of rootlessness

Tradition in times of technology

Authenticity in times of superficiality

Transparency in times opacity

Origin in times of progress

Tranquillity in times of hectic

Resistance in times of fast pace

Identity in times of mass

Support in times of uncertainty

Values in times of loss in values


(Laura Klocke)

We are living in a society that is dominated by consumerism and fast pace, a society in which unlimited possibilities of consumption have become the norm, a throwaway society in which the actual values of products move further into the background.


As a countermovement, the products by Laura Ma are based on a sustainable concept which draws upon the core values of emotion and slowdown. Every piece has a story, and accordingly its own, individual value. They are show pieces that accompany the owner more then only one or two seasons. The return to nature and originality are important factors in the product development. Great attention is given to the transparency of production, distribution and marketing.


Another core value is the recycling -  a new way of dealing with the scarcity of resources. Laura Ma works with the principle of upcycling, where old material is used for a new and higher purpose. The meditation pillows for example are made out of industrial waste, which Laura Ma is reusing and transforming to real show pieces.


Laura Ma sees her work as well as her products as matter of the heart. Nothing is produced or published without the verification based on heart and love. Thus, the results are true and sustainable products, which include more than the normal consumption. The spirit of the sustainable and spiritual lifestyle should contribute to a big change, where every little step creates a more habitable environment. Through conscious consumption of favourite pieces, which are pleasing the heart and carrying an aura with them, we are returning to our inner, natural values and we can be a part of a natural, sustainable lifestyle.


„Products“ are showing you a little shop with selected item which are carrying this values with them.

Hand-made meditation pillows and singing ball accessories, Indian mala beads from the foot of the Himalayans, as well as magical fragrances are waiting for you. All products have their own story and background, are unique and made with love.


Explore and enjoy!