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The word Reiki is Japanese. It consists of the root  rei (spirit, soul) and ki (lifeenergy) and can be translated as „ universal energy of life“.

Reiki was established by the japanese Mikao Usui and is based on ancient knowledge and tradition which is not dedicated to any religion.

It represents the universal energy which is the foundation of all life and which runs through all human beings, animals, plants and objects.

Reiki can be transferred from one person to the other by putting hands on body parts with or without contact. The Reiki giver acts only as a medium that is channelling the universal energy.  The giver cannot take influence and will not be influenced itself. Reiki never harms anybody.

It brings the physical body, mind and soul in harmony. It benefits the inner healing process of the receiver. It is an endogenous medicine which activates the self-healing abilities. Furthermore Reiki doesn`t only  mean a transfer of energy but it  can also activate the somewhat dormant energy that everybody naturally carries within oneself..

Personal development will be supported, energy differences are being balanced as well as harmony and well-being for body and soul are established.


Reiki by Vincent

I am practicing Reiki since 2014 and developed with my experience my own style, where I combine the traditional way of Reiki sessions with my knowledge of sound healing.

With passing my Master Teacher degree I can now share Reiki in form of teaching, which is for me my main and deepest aspiration.


traditional Reiki session 60/75min   40€

Reiki short session 30min                 25€

Reiki by distance                              30€

Reiki for children                              25€

Reiki for animals                              20€


Sound session  60/75min                  50€

Sound session

      combined with Reiki 60/75min   45€



Reiki training

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