Emotional Sound Yoga and Sound Journey - merge into the vibration -

"The more the sounds take up the room, the more silence there is in me.

Time no longer exists, the place blurs and I become one with the sound "

(Eva Rudy Jansen)


Yin Emotional Sound Yoga is a combination of yin yoga and sound therapy created by

LauraMa (Laura and Vincent).


The calm, meditative practice of yin yoga allows you to immerse yourself deeply into the postures and gives you the opportunity to arrive at your very own self. Based on traditional Chinese medicine, we work with the meridians, the energy channels in the body, as well as with the chakras and the teaching of the elements, to restore the natural flow of energy in the body.


Our body is made out of vibrations, each atom, every cell, and all processes in our body having their own frequency. With the created sounds in Yin Emotional Sound Yoga we touch the same vibrations of the different atoms with which emotions are connected.

The entire hour is accompanied by instrumental music that ends in an extended final relaxation in an acoustic, musical atmosphere. Thus, the sound supports you even deeper in your exercises and to immerse into the different emotions.


Laura is a certified 500h Hatha and Yin Yoga Teacher and is leading  the class together  with Vincent as a certified sound therapist and musician who provides the instrumental accompaniment. Their classes  are filled with heart and warmth while they are always intuitively responding to the group.


Yin Emotional Sound Yoga is a kind of mediation that offers the opportunity to dive deep into one's soul to meet its true self. It lets you practice mindfulness and builds a deep understanding and trust in your own body.


We, Laura and Vincent, are pleased to share with you this unique experience, to cultivate acceptance and gratitude, and to fill your heart with compassion and love.


You can experience Yin Emotional Sound Yoga in our courses or our workshops all over Germany.


If you are interested in welcoming us to your studio, festival or in your city,

please contact us at info@laura-ma.com.







Sound Journey or Sound Bath


A sound journey is a total immersion in an acoustic sound world. A deep connection with oneself in an essentially intuitive and shamanic universe.

The sounds touch you to a very subtle and deep level of your consciousness. It helps you to find and recover unique sensations buried in your consciousness.

The sound can be pleasant aswell as unpleasant but will surely not leave you untouched. They will certainly help you identify or remove blockages at different levels of your being.

Unstructured sounds surpass your intellect and logic to give space for the creativity of your mind in complete freedom.


We will create different sound atmosphere based on flute, drum, gong, singing bowl, and much more ...

For about 45min  you can be totally bathed in sound and let yourself  go completely in this wonderful and unique experience.



If you are interested in welcoming us to your studio, festival or in your city,

please contact us at info@laura-ma.com.